AMF Aktuell I

Über ein neu entdecktes Epitaph aus der zerstörten Katharinenkirche in Nürnberg ist gerade erschienen:



Form and meaning of a recently discovered Late medieval Panel from Nuremberg



ed. by: DE BACKKER
            Medieval Art           



On January 2nd 1945 Church and Cloister of the Dominican Sisters in Nuremberg – devoted to Saint Catherine – were destroyed to the enclosing walls together with the until then still existing church interior. Though valuable pieces of the church fittings disappeared already after the dissolution of the monastery[1] and subsequently at the beginning of the 19th century. Only fragmentary information exists over their whereabouts.[2]
Therefore, the recent discovery of a panel that was verifiably made for the church of St. Catherine is of major importance. 

So, in the following the history of its making and meaning will be in the focus.


[1] The Reformation was adopted in Nuremberg in 1525. Thereupon, the town council did not allow new subscription of novices. After the death of the last nun and prior Kordula Knorr on January 26th 1596 the cloister did not exist any longer. The whole interior equipment was obviously completely preserved, as Christoph Gottlieb Murr noted in 1778 that he has seen the church nearly „noch so, wie sie zu Zeiten des Papsttums war“  (as it was at times of the pope). Murr 1778, p. 118; Fries 1924, p. 65pp.; Schlemmer 1983, p. 285. With the exception of the Paumgartner altarpiece from Dürer, which the town council handed over to the art loving duke Maximilian of Bavaria in 1612 (after making a copy of it).  

[2] Schlemmer 1983, p. 286pp.; Bauernfeind 2006, p. 119pp. Schlemmer tells about the procedure with the church interior. Art dealer were asked for an expert opinion, but they had to stop the project, because thick layers of dust forbade a closer investigation. Schlemmer 1983, p. 287.

[3] The panel is in the possession of Luc De Backker Medieval Art, Hoogstraten, Belgium, who was able to purchase it short time ago from Jean Emmanuel Prunier, Louviers. Before the panel was located in the house chapel of a noble family for several generations.

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